Home of the Model '503-1' and the '503-2'


Welcome aboard the website that will bring you to a an entirely new level of reactionary steel plate shooting!


First and foremost, the AATC Models 503-1 and 503-2 Reactionary - Steel Plate - Moving Target Systems were designed with 'SHOOTER SAFETY’ as being the absolute primary feature. 

The unique design of this target system allows for high velocity pellets and approved small-bore ammunition that is fired at this target system to be absorbed and/or deflected away from the shooter, thus greatly reducing the possibility of splash-back or ricochet from the target system coming directly back at the shooter,...[when the target system is set up and used properly, as outlined in the instructions provided].


The 503-1 in aprticular was also designed to bring the 'fun' of true steel plate shooting to a much more affordable level, to more people, with the unique ability to accommodate not only the use of very low-cost  high velocity (1000+ FPS) .177 and .22 caliber pellets, but also the ability to accomodate the use of several small-bore rifle and pistol ammunition types such as the .22 Short, .22 Long Rifle, .25 Auto, .32 Auto and .380 Auto.   

This ability to utilize pellets and small-bore ammunition on this target system is what makes it economically possible for more people to engage in and enjoy this type of a dynamic shooting sport, while at the same time expanding the overall age group of not only the experienced shooters, but also the interested beginners.


Many types of challenging and competitive games can be played on this target system by kids of all ages using items such as Paint Balls, Tennis Balls, and even Plush Stuffed Toys weighing up to 6 ounces, bringing the Model 503-1 to what can be considered a true 'Family Fun' piece of sporting equipment that can be used both indoors, as well as outdoors.